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Why outbound

The number one issue of most sales organizations is to keep a constant flow of qualified leads into the sales funnel.

Inbound marketing is great. But it takes time to implement, ROI is often unclear and it doesn't allow you to learn quickly about your product from your target audience.


Inbound marketing often does not generate enough leads to keep your sales machine running.


Outbound marketing, including telemarketing, is a predictable and scalable source of qualified leads.

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How we work

Outbound marketing is challenging. So first, we listen to your team to capture best practices already in place.

Then, we train and coach your inside sales team to improve the workflow of cold calls, e-mails and social messaging. We aim to increase the number of leads going into the sales funnel, lower acquisition costs and reduce the sales cycle.

But hiring, training and retaining inside sales staff can be time-consuming and expensive.

We can help you scale by outsourcing the inside sales-role to our team of telemarketing specialists.


A flexible or dedicated Sales Development Rep (SDR) builds databases and passes qualified leads to your account executives for a discovery call, online demo or plan an appointment.

We have experience managing telemarketing campaigns in the software, fundraising for non-profit, telecom and utilities industry with deal sizes up to 100.000 euro.


Our call center manages sales funnels of 150.000 suspects per month.

What we do
What we do
Why outbound
How we help

Telemarketing Training

We listen to your inside sales and account managers to understand your key challenges and customize a training that fits your needs.

Inside Sales  Coaching

We work one-on-one with you SDR's to improve  telephone skills, technology usage, work planning... and provide a benchmark for your sales organization. 



Building a good database is time-consuming and often prevents SDR's from outbound calling. Outsourcing basic administrative tasks allows you to scale faster.

Telemarketing Outsourcing

Grow your outbound team fast and flexibly. Our SDR's pass qualified leads to your account managers for a discovery call, an online demo or an appointment.



We use Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and Teamleader CRM daily. We help you setup and optimize your  CRM for maximum hunting efficiency.

Workflow improvement

A good sequence of cold calling, e-mailing and reaching out via social media channels increases your  outbound connect rate significantly. 

" Great collaboration since 5 years with a highly professional and trustworthy partner.

Always good analyses and reaction speed

to ensure business continuity "


Sales Manager, ENI Gas & Power

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Contact us

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